RSO is committed to clients and candidates by providing the right talent for the right job and the right job for the right talent. We understand the frustration of looking for a new career which can also be time consuming. We value you and we are here to help you with your search.  For all our searches, we follow the  Recruitment process below

We do an initial paper screening of your CV. Then we will interview YOU  to assess your skills and  relevant experience required for the job being considered for. We gauge your interest,  needs, wants, goals,  ambitions and even your personal and professional challenges.

We match your CV with  our Client requirement after the assessment.  If qualified for a job opening, we will endorse your CV.  If not, we will try and find other  job openings that will require your skills, experience and expertise.

If you are selected for an interview, we will provide you with a full pre-briefing including:

  • Interview schedule, detailed directions
  • Job description
  • Company literature
  • Web site details

We believe in finding the right role for the right candidate and ensure that the role fits your  career objectives. We pride ourselves in providing  a personalized service level to you all the time.

We will share interview feedback with you. From the first moment we contact you about any roles we have until the moment you are placed in the job that you want, we stay in regular contact ensuring that you are kept up to date on each stage of the process.